Meet the trainers


Samantha is a dog lover. She has been training dogs since she started walking. As a child she would spend hours playing with her pets and teaching them tricks. Samantha has retained this passion her entire life.

In 2015 Samantha started training for the dog sport Schutzhund. This is an intricate sport that requires extreme dedication. Samantha quickly displayed her natural talent obtaining her BH (entry level test for Schutzhund) with her much loved dog Synda.

In 2017 Samantha and Synda competed in the inaugural WA IPO (which was the new name for Schutzhund at the time) state championship. While not all the results went in their favour Samantha and Synda were awarded High in trial Protection for their stunning performance in the C phase. Synda also received the coveted helpers choice award for her outstanding fighting spirit.

Since then Samantha has been an integral part of the Kaizen K9 team. She is an astute trainer and handler.

Samantha has become intrinsically involved with the puppy/juvenile development for Kaizen K9. She shows a natural flare for making dogs strong and active. Promoting and building upon what’s there.

Her diminutive appearance is contrasted by her strong presence. She handles large powerful dogs with ease. She balances her nurturing nature with an uncompromising approach that sees dogs gravitate and listen to her.

Meet the trainers


Ben has 20 years experience as a qualified Military Working Dog Handler in both the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force. His last role was as K9 Trainer/Developer with the Special Operations Command.

Ben raised and developed a large number of dogs from pups through to adults that have gone on to be both certified as military working dogs and Special Operations Military Working Dogs within the Special Operations Command. Through his previous role as developer within the Royal Australian Air Force Canine Breeding Program and Canine Development Cell, Ben knows what to look for in a dog, so much so he was sent by the Royal Australian Air Force to the United States to bring back some of the next generation of military working dogs.

Ben achieved many things whilst in the armed forces, including winning the Instructors Award on the Basic Royal Australian Air Force K9 Course, recipient of the 2002 Bill Perrett Trophy awarded to the top dog team in the Royal Australian Air Force, developer within the Air Force Canine Development Cell, trainer with the Military Working Dog Training Flight and instructor on the Special Operations Military Working Dogs Courses. Ben twice served in Dog Team Deployments to East Timor.

Meet the trainers


Ben has been around dogs all his life and is passionate about ensuring your dog lives its best life with you and your family.

Ben and his family currently have three dogs, Max a male Pugalier, Ziggy a female American Staffy Cross and Dash a female Belgian Malinois. So, it is fair to say he is comfortable working with breeds of all sizes.

Together, Ben and Dash have achieved their:
• BH title in Schutzhund in 2021
• Scent Work Novice title with ANKC in 2021 (one of the first teams to achieve this title in WA)

At Kaizen K9 Ben:
• Runs one of our Functional Obedience classes, runs our Noseworks class, and assists with our Schutzhund and Spartan classes
• Conducts initial consultations (including dog and human aggressive cases) and private consultations
• Helps train our clients’ board & train and day stay dogs
• Helps train our military, police and personal protection dogs

Ben has completed a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training and K9 Solutions Australia’s “a lesson in deep theoretical practice” course. Ben also attended many seminars including in 2019 attending Puppy selection, grip development, problem solving and scent detection seminar with Mike Suttle, Make Your Dog Somebody Seminar with Ivan Balabanov, and Aggressive Dog Seminar with Ted Efthymiadis and Evan Doggett.

Meet the trainers


Hello! My name is Joe. I’ve been in the building industry for 20+ years and I’ve realised that there’s more to life, like working with DOGS!

I’ve recently discovered a deep love and passion for dog training, a desire for learning and teaching. So much so, that I’ve immersed myself in the dog training world. I’ve had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the world, including my master coach, instructor and friend Ben Geurts.

I’m continuously gaining experience and knowledge, and I’m looking forward to helping you implement all of it into your dog training and relationship.

One thing is for sure, I’ll work with you every step of the way to help you create the perfect relationship and lifestyle between you and your dog. What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!!

Meet the trainers


Hi, my name is Mohan, I have always had a huge love for animals and dogs are my favourite. I like the working partnerships that humans and dogs continue to have. The relationship we build with dogs is important to me as is giving our dogs purpose.

I have a German Shepherd named Trip, we train and trial in the sport of IGP. Trip and I were the first team out on the field for the first trial in 2016 for our BH, we were also the first team to fail. However, since then we have made improvements and obtained titles as well as a “High in Trial” for obedience. We hope to gain our “Working Dog 3” title in 2020.

I have been training with Kaizen K9 for a few years now and have attended dog training seminars by some of the worlds best trainers. I continue to gain more knowledge and will continue to learn.

Contact us to book an appointment with Mohan.

Meet the trainers


I have always been interested in animals from a young age. I have owned different pets but I was never able to convince my mother to have a dog in a small apartment.

My first real contact with working dogs was with herders. I used to watch these small collies gather sheep in the country side, where I spend my school holidays.

I always wanted to have a dog and become a good trainer, so I could enjoy this amazing partnership between man and dog. It was not until I was on my mid 20’s that I got my first dog. I caught the bug for training dogs and I have been growing my knowledge and experiences ever since.

I am currently involved with Police and Military working dog development and hunting dog training.