KAIZEN K9 take great pride in their involvement with Military and Police dogs. We are currently contracted to the Western Australian Police Force Canine Unit as the Canine Capability SME. We also fill contract and supply dogs to various military and Police units.

Ben Geurts has trained Military Working Dogs for the Army and the RAAF since 1999. Since leaving the ADF in 2015 he has continued to supply Military and Police dogs to various units around Australia. The team at Kaizen now continue this service.

If you’re interested in obtaining one of our working dogs for Police or Military purposes, we work on quality not quantity, so we train these dogs on a contract basis. We train them to Order.

There are a lot of vendors out there that claim to supply trained dogs and ask large quantities of money. Many of these “trained dogs” are little more than unbalanced sleeve biters with no obedience at all. That is due to inexperienced vendors with no experience in the Police and Military Working Dog industry, and a reliance on a high turnover of dogs and reduced training debt.

We are different. We train fewer dogs and move on young dogs when they display undesired behaviour rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Our dogs come trained, properly trained. When you give a command, our dogs are acutely aware of what they should be doing. Tell us what you want, and we will provide a quote for exactly that, including proofed behaviours to your specific commands.

Our obedience is second to none, our dogs are environmentally strong, and balanced. We can train tracking to suit the style you use, footstep, washer systems, tracking through drive, or man trailing. We can also provide the foundations for detection. In addition, our dogs are trained by several trainers which keeps them balanced and social.

They are not raised in large kennel facilities, so they come free from kennel neurosis. They will come strong, with a real man focus. They will have a strong pushing grip.

We have been in the business for a long time so we know what you are looking for. We have supplied numerous dogs to tier one units. If you want the best dogs, the best customer service, the best after care and the best training then you’ve come to the right place. We aren’t happy unless you’re happy.

Please contact us for more information.