To view our dogs which have gone onto working roles visit our Honour Board.

We pride ourselves on the product we put out. We also love our dogs. We train dogs for many different roles and functions. Often, they move on to be working dogs with Police, Military or other government agencies. We take great pride in these achievements.

However, we are as equally proud of our work with companion dogs and sporting dogs. Please enjoy looking over some of our dogs past and present. We typically train dogs under contract however you may occasionally find dogs for sale here. We will also advertise and record our litters here.



Samantha’s dog and our family pet. Synda is an amazing German Shepherd bitch bred by Sablecraft kennels. She has extreme play prey drive and is very social with people. Synda won high in trial protection in WA’s first IGP trial. She was also awarded the Most Powerful dog by the Judge Jens Kollenberg. Synda is the worlds best surrogate mother. She helps us raise all our dogs and is often used to help us rehabilitate dog aggressive dogs. She also keeps us warm on the lounge at night… She has many talents.

Ben and Samantha Geurts


Owned by one of our VIP clients. Frag has become Samantha’s project. He’s highly trainable and very obedient. He’s very fast across the ground and hits like a missile in the courage test. He’s also naturally protective of his owner and his territory, yet very balanced and friendly when he should be. He’s very independent while remaining engaged. He loves to play, bite, and explore the property. He’s quite intimidating when he wants to be yet a lovable friendly dog when he needs to be. He’s much loved by us and his owner. Samantha is training him in the sport of schutzhund for the owner and hopes to compete soon.



She’s a working girl! Takes care of a clients yard by night and helps us train decoys and helpers by day. She’s a sharp bitch, diminutive but with a big heart. Not a huge fan of strangers but very loving once she knows you. She’s lighting fast across the ground and
means it when she bites.