Most dog trainers in Perth concentrate on suppression, manners, calming your dog down, making him less dog than he wants to be. Our classes are different. We focus on giving your dog its best life. One of our head trainers, Ben Geurts recently enrolled on Ivan Balabanovs Training Without Conflict (TWC) course. Ivan has trained dogs for over forty years and has created the TWC system, which is based on play, genetic fulfillment and building a strong relationship with your dog. Behaviours are second.

We use this approach as our foundation. Behaviours are second. First meet your dogs needs and then teach your dog what you need from her. We incorporate Michael and Bart Bellon’s famous NePoPo ® system to create reliable behaviours that the dog will perform with its heart and soul even when he’d rather not.

We teach you how to play with your dog. How to provide your dog genetic fulfilment. How to become the answer rather than the fun police. We then teach you how to create the behaviours most want. Sit, Down, Come, and loose leash walking.

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"Little Warriors" Puppy Training Class

“Little Warriors” Puppy class. (8weeks to 16 weeks). A puppy class with a difference. The focus is making your puppy brave. We explain to you the do’s and don’ts of puppy raising. We teach you how to raise a balanced dog. We show you how to play. We teach the importance of establishing rules while maintaining a loving relationship. Contact us for more information.

Price: $25 per class

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Functional Obedience Class (FOB)

Functional Obedience (FOB). (16 weeks up). In this class we help teams build a strong relationship based on trust built through play and social grooming. We teach you how to play the short game (tug of war) and the long game (fetch) properly. We help you establish rules and to understand when you need to let a dog be a dog.

We also focus on the big three behaviours. Emergency recall. Emergency Down. Loose leash walking. However how your dog feels about the training and you, is our first priority.

Price: $300 per term (includes 10 x classes)

*Terms coincide with school holidays.



GRC. (16 weeks and up). Coming soon! Gameness, Relationship, Control. This is a fun way to provide genetic fulfilment to dogs without getting too committed to a complex dog sport. There are four exercises. Treadmill Race, Weight Pull, Wall Climb, Spring Pole.