Want somewhere for your dog to stay during the day while you’re at work? But don’t want to throw your dog in an overloaded day care facility where it will be put in with large numbers of other dogs to fight it out for the day? Then this is for you! This is a premium service for those wanting their dog to get individualised treatment and productive stimulation throughout the day.

Your dog will be trained twice per day. Your dog will also be played with every day it stays with us. When your dog is resting between these activities she will be in her own kennel with fresh water and a safe toy to chew on. This is not fight club for dogs. We can also tailor the training and play to your particular dog. We also have treadmill (for more exercise) and bath options available.

You’ll be sent updates during the day, so you know how your best friend is going.

Price: $110 per day


Who is our Doggy Day Stay for?

Those after a premium service instead of the traditional doggy day care facilities.

If you work long hours and want your dog to be entertained during the day by expert dog trainers who will also train things like recalls and downs.

Want a kickstart to your training system?

Want a particular exercise worked on and improved?

Away for a day or two per week and want your dog well looked after?

Who is our Doggy Day Stay ISN'T for?

Dogs with human aggression will not be accepted. Aggression can be addressed through our private lessons and then into our functional obedience classes.

More reason our Doggy Day Stay is better than Doggy Day Care

Training wise, we typically focus on the down and recall. We also teach the dogs the long game (fetch) and short game (tug of war). This involves getting the toy, returning with it, outing on command, and competing for it when the opportunity exists. Dogs grow in confidence through play and this will be a large part of your dogs stay. Learning to play, becoming more confident, and having a great time.

We tailor the training style to your dog’s requirements. We first build rapport with the dog through play. Then we teach through play and also utilising the dogs food.

We can adjust for puppies to adults, from Rottweilers to Malinois to Chihuahuas. We are also happy to focus on any exercise you wish. Some want place training, others the silent whistle recall, others want barking at an object. We can do it all and more. Just ask!

If you do want this service you will need to book well in advance as we take a very limited number of dogs and are often booked out. We reserve the right to select which dogs we will work with or otherwise. If we do not know your dog then a short 30 minute assessment may be required.


Meet a regular - BANDIT

Bandit is a very sweet boy but can be a bit nervous around new people and environments so while we will still do some obedience with him today our main focus will be building his confidence and showing him that he has no reason to be nervous, in fact new people can actually be a lot of fun.

Meet a regular - BILLIE

Billie is sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet and she has fit back into the pack like she never left. While Billie is here we will be focusing on her recall, using the command as well as the silent whistle. But that can’t be all we do, so we’ll also throw in heaps of play, some obedience and lots of socialisation.

Meet a regular - XEODOR

Xeodor arrived today for a Day Stay while his owners are at work. He is a very social driven boy with a lot of potential for Schutzhund, but he’s not so good at bringing the ball back when he plays fetch. So while he was with us we focused on play, Schutzhund obedience and as per his owners request we threw in some place training.