At times we will be training dogs that are not yet under contract. We will place these here with a word picture describing their strengths and weaknesses and suitability for employment.

We won’t exaggerate about their abilities. You’ll just get the honest truth so you can make an informed decision. Here at Kaizen K9, we aren’t happy unless you are. We want to find the right homes for the right dog.

We guarantee our product will do what we say and all our dogs come with a 30 day guarantee. Check regularly as this page will be updated often with new dogs looking for suitable homes.

Please contact us for more information.




We were lucky enough for Monsimbee kennels to sell us JL who is line bred on the famous Fax Vom Grenzganger. He’s an excellent dog, super balanced, open, bold, crazy trainable and driven. JL is being raised by Nuno and his beautiful wife, Jo. He has some excellent obedience, has a strong foundation in tracking, knows the odour detection game, and is showing good potential for protection (12 months old at the time of writing this).

$: POA




Saint is a brilliant bitch. She would make a perfect home guardian! She loves her people, her family. She’s great with children and loves to play. She is also an excellent home protector with natural territorial instincts. She loves hugs and kisses and gives the best cuddles. She is also super trainable. She is balanced and has no problems with other dogs or people. She has an excellent recall, and a great foundation for the sport of IGP. She knows sit, down, the basic position and has started heeling. She also has a foundation in IGP tracking (we have been using Ivan Balabanovs style of circle tracking). She has a clean out. We have started her dumbbells and she holds calmly, no chewing. Her protection training is brilliant for an 11 month old bitch. Super grips (as you can see) and changes drives smoothly. She’s going to be crazy fast with the long bites. She channels into the sleeve perfectly. A perfect contradiction! She’s naturally territorial yet super friendly. She will bark to scare away strangers yet loves to cuddle everyone once introduced. She has insatiable drive yet is able to switch into obedience quickly and smoothly.

What a brilliant, loving, vicious contradiction.