Bring your dog, some food or treats, a leash, collar, and harness (if you have one). If it is your first time visiting us then please bring vaccination certificate if you haven’t already sent it to us online.

Our puppy class is only for dogs aged 10-16 weeks. For dogs over 16 weeks of age you should join our Functional Obedience classes. These are a group training session and a fantastic way for you and your dog to learn.

Our dog training team use modern balanced training techniques to help address any dog issue.

Our group classes are under strict control. Whilst dogs are together they are never interacting. We first need to do an initial consult with you to assess your dog and we can then advise you of the best next move.

We can absolutely come to your house to conduct the training session. There will be an additional cost involved due to the travel. Contact us to make arrangements.