Anything from aggression issues towards other dogs or people, resource guarding, destructive behaviour like digging holes or destroying property, separation anxiety issues or excessive barking, whining, pulling on the lead or jumping on people.

Picture this….

You and your dog take a casual walk to the park on a loose leash. You pass other dogs and people, your dog remains relaxed and focused on his task. You stop to talk to a few friends on the way. Your dog sits calmly by your side.

When you arrive at the park you remove his leash and allow him the freedom he deserves and needs. He immediately runs off and does several quick zoomies before briefly chatting to his favourite tree.

After he’s had his fun he comes and hints at you its time. Time to play. You take out a ball and commence a game of fetch. He loves every second and so do you.

He’s athletic, passionate, powerful and focused.

Shortly after the game you prepare to go home. While checking your phone you see a strange dog in the distance that is acting nervous. You look up and your dog is fifty metres away looking at the strange nervous dog. “Come” you call out. Immediately your dog turns and runs happily back to you. You clip the leash on and saunter home.

This is our goal!

Initial Consultation

Prior to commencing any sort of group class with us we require you to complete an initial consultation. The purpose of the private consultation is to educate you about our training system, how dogs learn, lifestyle rules to set you and your dog up for success and to assess where your dog is at.

This consult is highly valuable for you and your dog and will set you both up with a foundation to achieve success in your training moving forward.


Initial consultation with Senior Trainer
Consults with our senior trainers are suitable for complex cases including human aggression and train the trainer.

Duration 2 hours. Price $450 inc GST.

Follow up consultations are $200 inc GST.

Standard initial consultation
1.5 hours • $330 inc GST

NOTE: Consults are held at our training facility. A $50 deposit is required for all initial consult bookings.


Group Classes

Want to learn in a group setting important functional obedience such as being able to recall your dog regardless of what is happening and downing your dog under significant distractions at a distance? Or maybe you’re more interested in dog sports?

Please note that you will be required to complete an initial consultation prior to attending group classes.

Learn more about our classes here.


Private Session

Our private one on one dog training sessions are a great way for us to dive deeper into your training and pay close attention to the details.

Each private session goes for one hour and involves educating you (the owner) and the dog.

Our private sessions are popular amongst our clients who also attend our group classes as it allows them to get a more personalised experience and fix any problem areas they may be experiencing.


Single session
~1 hour • $150 (at our training facility)