Kaizen Alpha Litter

On July 6th 2021, Stella gave birth to four very large and healthy puppies. Stella is from VARG kennels. Django x Ftype Hause Mecki. She has several siblings in working homes. Father is Pope. Which was from an early K9SA litter I bred that produced three police dogs and Cash. We are very excited about this litter. They have exceptional genetics from proven working dogs.
Samantha and I bred three litters for Non Vactro Kennels, however this is our first litter as Kaizen K9.





Raised by Ben Geurts, Pope is the most intense, driven, powerful dog we’ve ever seen. Pope was a calm puppy. Balanced, super social, confident with excellent food drive. His other drives started to mature around nine months of age. His play prey drive is extreme. Pope has an intensely powerful pushing grip, rock solid nerves, and lightning-fast strikes. He is a current serving Police Dog with an Australian Tactical Police Unit. He is a proper beast!