What we will do for your dog is treat it like it was our own. We don’t have a large number of kennels, instead we have trainers who adopt your dog for the period of time. They will take them out for exercise several times a day and train them at least twice daily.
The dogs will also be played with daily. Training wise, we typically focus on the down and recall. We also teach the dogs the long game (fetch) and short game (tug of war). This involves getting the toy, returning with it, outing on command, and competing for it when the opportunity exists. Dogs grow in confidence through play and this will be a large part of your dogs stay. Learning to play, becoming more confident, and having a great time.
We tailor the training style to your dog’s requirements. We first build rapport with the dog through play. Then we teach through play and also utilising the dogs food. We can adjust for puppies to adults, from Rottweilers to Malinois to Chihuahuas. We are also happy to focus on any exercise you wish. Some want place training, others the silent whistle recall, others want barking at an object or some schutzhund protection. We can do it all and more. Just ask!
If you do want this service you will need to book well in advance as we take a very limited number of dogs and are often booked out.
Price: $175 per day (additional surcharge applies during school holidays and public holidays)

We only take a very small number of dogs. You’ll need to answer a few questions prior to consideration, and we’ll need to conduct an assessment if we are not familiar with your dog. Not all dogs will be accepted. All dogs that stay with us will need to sleep in a crate at night. We reserve the right to select, or indeed not select, board and trains at our discretion.


Who is our board & train service for?

It’s ideal if you’re going on a holiday and want your dog to have a good time instead of being stuck in a standard run of the mil kennel. Maybe you want a kickstart to your dog training or you want a particular exercise worked on and improved. It’s even perfect if you are away for a day or two per week and want your dog well looked after. We can even help if you just got a new puppy and want us to do foundational puppy training.

Who is our board & train service NOT for?

Most aggression cases will not be accepted into our board and train program. Aggression can be addressed through our private lessons and then into our FOB dog training classes. In addition, it is our opinion through years of experience that aggression can never truly be completely extinguished. We can teach you how to manage it and reduce risk through good training however it will always have a trigger point that you must be aware of and mitigate against.


Dog Board & Train FAQ

We do not take online bookings as we are a board and train service. Contact us via our website or call us to book. We believe in providing dogs with a fun and enjoyable experience. We are unlike most boarding kennels in that your dog will be played with and trained every day. Think of us as a way of providing your dog with a holiday while you take one!

Yes boarding your dog with us is quite safe. There are always chances for accidents however we do our utmost to ensure your dogs safety is paramount. Our facilities are the best in Perth. They are extremely clean, your dog is regularly exercised, your dog has a large area to itself, we have the best and safest dog beds available, we have constant water supply buckets, our kennel hands and trainers are well trained and experienced. Your dog will thank you.

Well that depends, with boarding you really do get what you pay for. We are more expensive than most and if you are on a tight budget then there are cheaper options out there. However, these facilities often depend on high numbers of boarders and low numbers of staff. The dogs will typically not be interacted with at all. These boarding facilities, while necessary at times and for people in some situations, can cause kennel neurosis and other undesired behaviours. We offer a premium service where your dog is played with and trained daily.

We charge $150 per day. However, our facilities and trainers are second to none. We are not just a boarding facility. We are a board and train facility. Your dog is played with and trained every day by experienced and well trained dog trainers. Consider us a holiday for your dog while you take one.

There is always some risk that your dog will experience some stress in boarding kennels. We reduce this risk considerably by playing with and training your dog daily. In. addition, your dog will have a large secure run which further reduces stress. Most dogs are very happy and content in our facility.

A week’s boarding is perfectly fine. However, owners must be realistic regarding achievable goals. We utilised balanced training which is reward based. We focus on ensuring your dog is happy and enjoying the training. We do not utilise quick the quick fix options that others do. We would prefer your dog to leave having enjoyed its stay rather than having some behaviours created but leaving the dog suffering from the effect of old fashioned compulsion type training.

Boarding dogs in our facility will typically improve your dogs attitude, robustness, social skills and trainability as we are a board and train facility. Traditional boarding can be quite detrimental to a dogs welfare.

No. Dogs don’t work like that. Our facility is second to none in Perth. We have the best trainers, facility, and program in Perth. Your dog will thank you if they could.

Your dog will accept his trip more readily if he is accustomed to some periods of being outside alone. It would be beneficial to bring him to the facility to meet some of the trainers prior to your boarding. Please try and ensure that he is in good health prior to boarding.

Typically no. However traditional facilities can cause kennel neurosis behaviours. Our facility is different in that we board and train. Your dog will receive play time and be trained daily. Most dogs typically love their stay with us and cannot wait to come back.