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Dangerous Dog Handling and Management

Ben Geurts has been involved with the training, handling and management of dangerous dogs since 1999. Now for the first time, he is sharing his knowledge, gained through experience, in the form of a Dangerous Dog Webinar. In this webinar we cover the safe handling and management of dangerous dogs. We’ve delivered this seminar to numerous government animal control groups including Councils, Rangers, and the RSPCA. Now it is available to you.

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Nepopo®️ Gold School | Perth | 16 - 20 Oct 2023

This course is for those already qualified in NePoPo Silver (which you had to have done with Bart and Michael Bellon). This will qualify you in New NePoPo®️ Gold and enable you to offer training under the NePoPo®️ banner. This course is for the professional who has qualified in Silver and wants to become a Nepopo®️ New Gold qualified trainer. It will also be a stepping stone for you to qualify as a NePoPo®️ Multiplicator.
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Nepopo®️ Theory Seminar | Perth | 29 Sep to 2 Oct 2023

This seminar will take a deep dive into the theory behind dog training and the specific language and nuances behind NePoPo® . It qualifies you to do the Kaizen NePoPo® Practical seminar. There is one being offered in Perth and Melbourne. This seminar is for the trainer who wants to understand NePoPo® and train using that system or for people who love learning about dog training, behaviourism, and ethology.
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Nepopo®️ Seminar | Melbourne | 6-9 Oct 2023

Melbourne, we are coming back!!! This time to present our Nepopo®️ Seminar. An introduction to the Nepopo®️ Language and complex dog training concepts, expect 4 Full days of intense learning. As always Spots are limited, tickets are already selling fast so you need to be quick to avoid missing out. Follow the link to register: https://form.jotform.com/231913764216860
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Previous events

Nepopo®️ Seminar | Perth | July 2023

Another NePoPo theory seminar under our belt. This is a seminar designed for dog trainers, those hoping to become dog trainers, and those simply thirsty for knowledge. It was a tough, challenging, but brilliant week. Everyone in attendance was engaged, asked intuitive questions, and worked very hard to ensure the seminar was absolutely successful. We covered the theory of dog training, including learning theory and ethology with a deep dive into NePoPo and the NePoPo language. To say the seminar was confronting would be an understatement. All participants were thoroughly challenged and left mentally fatigued, as did I. They were stretched and many rose well above their own expectations.
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Connect through Play Melbourne | April 2023

We held our first Connect Through Play Seminar for 2023 in Melbourne. It was a great success! We shared our knowledge with dog enthusiasts from many walks of life. Some were just trying to learn how to play with their dogs better, others were professionals obtaining ideas for their programs and others were dog trainers looking for more tools for their training tool boxes. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. All participants were engaged and came with open minds and great attitudes. People who attended without dogs reported to be extremely happy with the knowledge they gained from watching others play. The theory and concepts introduced on the first morning turned some heads. We introduced some new concepts supported by scientific studies and over thirty years combined experience training dogs. We broke down some barriers, identified some myths, and demystified some tools. We love presenting this seminar! There is nothing better than seeing someone’s dog open up and play for the first time. The joy on the handlers face and evidenced through the dogs body language cannot be beaten. Special thanks to Brad from Canine Services International for opening his doors for us and taking care of the logistics. We couldn’t have made this work without you and really appreciate your assistance! A huge thankyou to all participants for being open and for giving it 100% during the play sessions!

Dangerous Dog Seiminar | Perth | May 2023

We hosted the Joondalup city council for another Dangerous Dog Seminar. We thoroughly enjoy providing this training to the professionals out there on the front lines with the goal of keeping them safe when handling dangerous dogs. The training was well received by all participants. Thanks to the Joondalup team for their excellent attitudes and participation. Good professional people always make teaching enjoyable and this was no exception. We wish you the very best and hope you stay safe during your important roles.