Dangerous Dog Webinar

Ben Geurts has been involved with the training, handling and management of dangerous dogs since 1999. Now for the first time, he is sharing his knowledge, gained through experience, in the form of a Dangerous Dog Webinar. In this webinar we cover the safe handling and management of dangerous dogs. We’ve delivered this seminar to numerous government animal control groups including Councils, Rangers, and the RSPCA. Now it is available to you.

Who should watch this?

  1. Anyone in an industry where they may be required to handle or manage dangerous dogs.
    • Veterinarians
    • Vet nurses
    • Rangers
    • Animal control officers
    • Kennel hands
    • Kennel managers
    • Dog trainers
    • Animal behaviourists
    • The humble posty, to name just a few.
  2. Anyone who owns a dangerous dog, or a dog that has displayed some aggression or some early aggression indicators. 

Topics Covered include:

  • Planning – the importance of being prepared. Considerations regarding the management, approach, handling, and when entering a premises.
  • Safety Precautions
  • Canine body language – distance increasing and distance decreasing signals
  • Breed specific considerations
  • Types of aggression
  • Approaching dangerous dogs
  • Preventing Bites
  • ·How to use a catch pole
  • Actions on being bitten
  • What a bite feels like – We will safely afford participants the opportunity to experience a bite (using a protective bite suit)

Dangerous Dog Handling and Management