This program is for those people who want what you can’t have. For the first time in Australia, you can have a dog selected, raised, trained and integrated into your family, by proven experts in the field of Military Working Dog and Police Dog selection and training.

You can have the dog’s behaviours tailored specifically to your applications and needs. Our
EPPD Program is an exclusive service in every sense of the word.

The service begins with us selecting your dog. We do this based on your desired breed but
also your family situation and desired outcomes. We will provide professional advice regarding recommended breeds and why. The breeds we utilise are Belgian Shepherd Malinois, German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds. We will also provide advice regarding male or female. We will then select a suitable mating, and then assess the litter and select the pick puppy.

We have been involved in puppy assessment and selection for over 20 years. We know what to look for. From there we bring your puppy into our home and raise it as one of our own. We imprint the desired behaviours, while ensuring the pup is well socialised to maintain balance. This is where our expertise will prevent future behavioural problems. We will teach the puppy to play, accept guidance and to be social. We will begin integration in this phase if you are
located in the Perth area.

Juvenile development is next. The training requirements will start to intensify. The dog will be taught to come when he’s called, walk at the handler’s side, down, sit, and natural defensive behaviours will be fostered where appropriate. The dog will also commence some foundation exercise for home security as per the client’s requirement. Integration is increased here. This may involve some interstate travel for dog and trainer.

Adult training follows. All obedience exercises are proofed. The dog will perform as commanded even when faced with competing motivators. The home security training will increase in preparation for handover. Socialisation will also maintain to keep the dog balanced. And integration training will be emphasised to ensure a smooth handover.

Applications are open for this exclusive service. The service is intricate, complex, and enduring. We don’t just provide you a dog. We provide personalised service every step of the way to ensure you get the dog you want. The dog you can’t have!

Price on enquiry. Please contact us for more information.